Intellectual Property Information and Management

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Clover Consultancy provides intellectual property information in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region.
Intellectual Property, or IP, covers several rights, the most popular being copyright, trade marks, and patents.  This niche field is more than just a buzzword: proper IP management can generate revenue for your business, lead to opportunities for expansion, and if handled correctly, can avoid costly disputes.
Our founders both have PhDs in Intellectual Property Law, so you can trust that our expertise in this technical field is unrivalled.  

Intellectual Property Rights have application in many industries: marketing and branding, sports, music and film production, fashion, software development, literary works, infuencer advertising and event promotion. 
Whether you are a business owner looking to protect your brand, an influencer or athlete hoping to secure an endorsement deal, or an inventor with the next big idea, we can help you take steps to stay ahead of the competition. 

Book a consultation today by using the Contact Formemailing us at or sending a Whatsapp message to +1(868)491-4788. We will help you to determine what intellectual property you own, so that you can maximise your earning potential. 
On our Services page, you can learn about the different intellectual property rights and the services we offer to help your business thrive. 

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