March 15, 2023

Brand Spotlight - Island Crashers®

Island Crashers® has become a household brand in the entertainment industry due to its innovation and quality. IC as it is familiarly referred to has made popular in Trinidad and Tobago the festival-styled weekend of events and the use of cloth wrist bands as tickets. However, what many are unaware of is the origin story of the event and the subsequent growth of the brand. The first formal IC event occurred in 2014 and took place in the car park of a small hotel. The IC Directors fondly recount the challenges of that event from chickens running through the venue to the electricity going and being forced to hang glow sticks in the trees for light.

Fast forward eight years and Island Crashers is now the proud owner of three registered trade marks, a successful merchandising line and have done deals with the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The three trade marks include the name ‘ISLAND CRASHERS’ and the figurative representation of ‘ISLAND CRASHERS’ and ‘IC’ that are illustrated on this page.

Clover® has been with Island Crashers from inception, advising on the development of their intellectual property and its commercialisation. The journey from a hotel carpark in 2014 to a co-branded truck with Tribe Carnival band in 2023 is testament to the importance of securing and commercialising your intellectual property. It should always be remembered that intellectual property is everywhere and for everyone.

Do not miss an opportunity with any intellectual property you may have. Clover® can be there for you too.