May 15, 2024

St Kitts Has A New Copyright Act

The Parliament of St Christopher and Nevis on 10 May 2024 passed the Copyright Bill drafted by Clover®'s own Dr Justin Koo. The new Copyright Act includes the modernisation of the copyright law to allow accession to a number of international copyright treaties and to offer more rigorous protection for right holders while balancing the rights of users to account for modern uses of copyright works.

St Kitts modernising their copyright legislation should be applauded and the rest of the Caribbean region should take note. For a press release on the development click here.

Our Director, Dr Koo, got a shout out in the Parliament for his contribution in drafting the bill. Check out the Parliamentary debate here or in the video above (2:25:28, 2:26:50 and 3:56:06 for the shout out).