March 15, 2023

Trade Mark Alert - RemBunction Sound Mark

Clover® just got word that the first sound mark has been filed at the Intellectual Property Office of Trinidad and Tobago. The sound mark applied for by RemBunction can be heard here.

The introduction of the 2015 Trade Marks Act in Trinidad and Tobago was a much needed development, which led to the updating of the law to reflect international standards. Consequent to this, non-conventional trade marks can now be protected in Trinidad and Tobago. This potentially includes colours, sound marks and scent marks. Well-known examples of trade marked colours include: Tiffany Blue, Louboutin Red, Minion Yellow and Coca-Cola Red. Some famous sound marks include: the MGM Lion’s Roar, Tarzan’s Yell, McDonald’s I’m Loving It Jingle and the Intel Jingle.

With this latest development in the trade mark law of Trinidad and Tobago, brand owners should consider protecting all elements of their branding including their name, logo, slogan, colour and any other non-conventional marks. This is particularly relevant for performing artists and djays who make use of signature drops in their performances or recordings.