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Making Intellectual Property Accessible


Making Intellectual Property Accessible

Clover Consultancy offers expert Intellectual Property information to individuals and businesses as well as the creative, media, entertainment and sports sectors. Businesses are often unaware of their Intellectual Property rights and fail to secure them, leading to lost opportunities and disputes that could be easily avoided. Additionally, Intellectual Property Rights in the form of copyright, trade marks, patents, and trade secrets, are often the heart of a business. By taking the right steps, you can maximise your earning potential and plan for future growth such as licensing and franchising opportunities.

Clover was co-founded by two individuals with extensive research and practical experience in Intellectual Property, who saw the need to provide expert information in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. We offer a variety of specialist services to identify, protect, grow and commercialise your Intellectual Property Rights. Moreover, we make Intellectual Property more accessible through publications, consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops.

Learn more about how we can help you grow your business and expand your understanding of this dynamic field by checking out our Services.  Whether you are unsure of what rights you have, or you want to develop the Intellectual Property in your business, our experts can help you. Our services include:


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